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Alan Harkrader Music Career

Blues Photo for Academia


Right now my blues song " I'M HOME ALONE ( and  I'm in bad company)" is being played on over 130 radio stations around the world. It has received high rotation status and Akademia is adding stations every month. I am negotiating with them for the release of a second tune to follow up and build on momentum. I didn't have a "Blusie" photo so my wife took this and now some people in the world know me as a blues singer.

Songs for Multiple Genres


Having played "Top 40" music for many years and  performed in many different venues and settings, I have Multiple Genre interests. This is reflected in my writing and performing. I think that most people are varied in their music listening.

I have never been able to get comfortable  playing one kind of music night after night

As you listen to my music, I hope you will find something that fits 

your description of "good stuff".

Songwriter, Singer & Musician


I am not approaching Alan Harkrader's music career the way I did when I was 20. I am comfortable with the place I am in at 70. I have developed

my music  to the point that I can support my wife and myself playing a large catalog of cover songs while introducing my original music. Trying to get up to speed on all of the ever-changing social media is daunting to say the least, and that's how "they" say it must be done. I am trying, but I am more concerned about finishing songs and getting them recorded. I believe that there are enough people out there that will like my music to the point that I could claim a "niche" for "Alan's Music".