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Up-Date Friday 8/22/14, A Memorable Night
Posted 8/24/14

Last night Manuel's was packed. The Mike and Dale dance group was there as well as an enthusiastic group celebrating Perry Damone's Birthday. Perry was a D-jay on KEZ for years and he would come into the Brass Monkey in the 80's when I worked there.

I had lost track of Perry, but when one of his fellow D-jay's mentioned the party was him, I decided to play a song that I had played for him back at the Brass Monkey. His dad is Vic Damone who is truly one the best singers of all time and had a hit with " On The Street Where You Live." I had once given a cassette with my live version to Perry to give to his dad. I don't know if it ever happened, but I do know that it was a special song to him and he seemed to like my version.

Well, Perry came down the floor and called his dad and held the phone up so his dad could hear the song. Afterward he handed me the phone and I talked to Vic Damone for several minutes. He asked about the band, and said it sounded good. I was honored to have a nice compliment from such a great performer. I thanked Perry for his thoughtfulness and wished him Happy birthday again.

That was one of the most memorable nights of my career.

Update 8/1/14, Highwaymen Tribute
Posted 8/1/14

Well the show went well in Anaheim at the nostalgic Pearson Park Amphitheater. It was built in 1920 and has beautifully maintained Art Deco architecture and lush Southern California ferna and fauna.

Terri Sussman posted some nice photos and videos on facebook. There is talk of another Highwaymen job in New Mexico during September, I should know soon about that.

Bob and I will start Tuesday ( Aug.-5) at Manuel's 6-9p.. Chances On Sixth will be closed for remodeling and emerge as Rosati's Old Town. Chances had a good run, but things always change. A lot of people will miss the place, including the entertainers and staff.

Update 7-23-14, Highwaymen Tribute
Posted 7/23/14

This Saturday ( 7-26-14) Bob Henke, Robert Scott, and I will drive to Anaheim to play in a Highwaymen tribute show. We do this periodically and it is always fun. This show is at the Pearson Park Amphitheater. Showtime is 8:00 P.M. Jeremy Manley will be Waylon this time and he has sat in at Manuel's and done a great job. Looking forward to the show.

Update 6-21-14,
Posted 6/21/14

For today's update, (what a long day) I would like to make you aware of a website that presents my music, along with the music of Andy Gonzales and Jennifer Bone. is in a format that is geared at providing musical directors for TV or Movies, etc., a place to find material or personnel that can fulfill their needs.

This is part of the changing industry that provides the opportunity for independent songwriters to get their music in front of the people who make the decisions for song placement.

I hope you get at kick out of the site, and if you know anyone who is producing a TV show or Movie, let them know about Manaja Music Productions, or send them to

Update June 13, 2014
Posted 6/13/14

Well the summer is in full swing, but not so bad, yet. Bob Henke and I are slavin' over those hot guitar strings again. This time it's Tuesday evenings 6 to 9:30 at Chances On Sixth in Scottsdale, on Miller between Indian School Rd. and Camelback Rd. It is always great making music with Bob. He has recovered miraculously from his surgery in Feb.

I talked to Sylvia Nobel today and she is waiting to see the "ruff cut" of the movie ( Deadly Sanctuary) before scheduling the shoot of the Vegas scene in case anything else would need to be re-cut at the same time. The distributor might have plans to take the movie to some film festivals later this year but Sylvia is looking for a premier of sorts here in the valley next spring.

Memorial Day & Deadly Sanctuary Movie
Posted 5/28/14

God bless our fallen service men and women and their families.

The production of the "Deadly Sanctuary" movie is complete except for one scene that will be filmed in Las Vegas in a week or so. The band ended up being A.J. Siniaho, Clyde Score, Tony Cook, and myself. The "fundraiser" scene was filmed at the Bumble Bee Ranch May 17. It was quite an experience to see the making of a movie. We finished up a little after 3AM. It was a hurry up and wait situation for sure. I think you will see, at least a little, of the band in the final cut. We lip synced "Dancin' With Jack" while the fundraiser attendees danced to the band. It is in video editing mode now and then Dean Andre will put the music to the visual. I hope the other songs, "Beautiful Waltz", "All Her Heart", and "Romance", will be worked into the soundtrack. A Karaoke version of "Romance" was used briefly in a restaurant scene where Rebekah Kochan (Kendall O'Dell) sings a few lines after some Margaritas.
There are plans for the movie to be entered in a film festival in November. Congratulations to my friend Sylvia Nobel Williams, she is a doer and I wish her much success with the characters she has created in her series of mystery novels.

After driving home to Paulden after the movie, sleeping for 3 hrs., Betty and I left for Las Vegas to meet up with our friends Jim and Deb Queenan. Jimmy and I played music together in the early 80's on Cape Cod. It was great to see them and talk of old times. The road construction completed below the dam and the new bridge cut at least 1/2 hr. off of the trip.

I left Vegas Tuesday the 20th and dropped Betty off in Paulden and headed for Scottsdale where Bob Henke and I played together for only the third time in six months. Bob will be joining me at "Chances On 6th" on Tuesdays starting at 6.

Movie: Deadly Sanctuary:
Posted 4/19/14

I am excited to announce that four of my tunes will be in an up -coming movie called "Deadly Sanctuary". The movie is based on a mystery novel by my friend and former class-mate Sylvia Nobel. The songs that they have chosen will be presented as background during a "fundraiser" for the "Sanctuary". The mystery will do some unfolding during the scene and hopefully a shot of the band will escape the cutting-room floor. A.J. Siniaho, Clyde Score, Tony Cook, Steve Dietrich, and maybe John Salazar will join me in the band that night.( fundraiser filming scheduled for 5-17).

The songs we will feature are "Dancin' With Jack","All Her Heart" ( Journeyman Album), "Beautiful Waltz" (Amidst The Chaos Album), and "Romance" ( from my current project). Check the progress of the movie on it's facebook page or Google "Deadly Sanctuary Movie (2015)"

Verde Vaqueros Ride:
Posted 4/5/14

On April 2nd & 3rd, Bob Henke and I played music for the 56th Verde Vaqueros Ride at their ranch near the Hassayampa River valley, south of Kirkland Junction. It was our second year playing for them. There was well over 100 riders. They raise money in various ways for the Scottsdale Boys and Girls Club.

They also have a great time on the ride, and do it with style and class. Bob and I are hoping to be asked back to play next year. They like the "Cowboy" music, but also enjoy a variety of styles, as they are from all walks of life. Viva Verde Vaqueros!