Thanks To You

Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

A song for those who have been together for quite awhile..


Sitting here watching the stars come out, looking over the little valley
Five acres, two dogs and our own country garden
And a cool breeze and you to love me
The problems of the day seem to fade away
Like the sunlight over hills on the horizon
In the night we have ahead of us we'll give it all away
Like an ageless and youthful fountain

Sitting here watching the moon come up, and it lights up the little valley
The years of you and me offer treasured memories
As we recall some special moments together
We laugh about some silly thing that happened long ago
But for us, it could have happened yesterday
In the ocean of our love there is this peaceful ebb and flow
And tonight the stars invite us both to say

Thanks to you, my life turned out this way
Thanks to you, I look forward to each day
Thanks to you it turned out right
And with you, I look forward to each night,
Thanks to you

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