Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

The border situation is a sad state of affairs for everyone involved, from the person crossing the border, to the land owner on the border, to the law enforcement, to the employer, etc.. I believe that we are in this situation because, for years, politicians who wanted the job have shirked the responsibility to come up with a reasonable program, and now we need a real Statesman to make some tough decisions


There are junkyards out in the desert on the way from Mexico
But they don't care how they got there, what they care for is your next vote
There are drugs coming over the border on the backs of "mules" that pay
Some are from radical Islam and want to lay our country to waste

Where are the statesmen, where are the true of heart?
We need some statesmen the country's torn apart

There are ranchers who are vandalized and loosing their livestock and privacy
There are young girls who are loosing their innocence to the raping tree
The minute-men did their patriotic part to help the border patrol
But the politicians are procrastinating and now the whole thing's out of control

Where are the statesmen, where are the true of heart?
We need some real statesmen, the country's torn apart

The passions run as high as the eagle in the sky but he won't care if there's a fence on the border
The "coyotes" are scum, and there compassion is numb and their cargo is caught in the crossfire
The blame goes 'round, it goes up it goes down, there are plenty of pointing fingers
But the "buck" should stop where the suits pretend to care, but where only feigned interest lingers

Our Mexican brothers are no different than others, most only want a better life
They want to worship God, raise a family and deal with reasonable strife
But the laws of the land have slipped out of the hands of those who are there to enforce them
There's some self-serving bastards who've ignored the disaster and they're the ones causing this mayhem

Where are the statesmen, where are the true of heart?
We need a real hero, the country's torn apart

Where are the statesmen, where are the true of heart
We need some real statesmen before the country falls apart

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