RV Free Me

Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

The song title tells it all about the love of his motor home.


It's got a motor and it's a home, it's my motor home
Now that I'm more secure, don't have to work so hard
I'm inclined to roam in my motor-home

Don't have to pack a lunch
Don't have a traffic crunch
I ride on easy street

And when I find a spot
That I like a lot
I stop and stay awhile, it's become my style

RV free me
RV free me

The freezer stays cold, the water gets hot
The awning rolls in and out
The dish is there if I need the world
But the freedom's what it's all about

No need to blaze a trail
No need to get there fast
Wherever that may be

Well I just scoot on down
The open road
And see what's there to see, in my motor home
I ride along in my motor home

RV free me
RV free me
RV free me

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