Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

A statement about my favorite time of year here


Do you hear that thunder rollin' in?
Do you feel the changin' in the wind?
Do you see those clouds piled mountain high?
Do you have some shelter near by?

Monsoon stormy sky, beauty fills the sky
Painted heavens to see
Life giving water for you and me.

You don't know how much rain can come down
More rain than can soak into the ground
More than the rivers can hold
Cause the creeks that feed them overflowed

Monsoon stormy sky, all day long the clouds are building high
Like breakers crashing up on the mountain
Soon you could be bathed in nature's fountain

Needle sharp when rain don't come around.
It's a dry heat pounding on the ground
But this time of year we see the show
Thunder, lightning, wind, rain, dust, and more

Monsoon stormy sky, wander fills my eyes
When the storm is gone and life's renewed
The air smells like sweet tea that's just been brewed


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