I Just Want To Ride

Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

This guy falls in love with his motorcycle.


I had a pretty good time in high school
I made the best of the emotional whirlpool
I wasn't thinking too much 'bout where my future would lead
I had a band that played on the weekends
I made a few bucks sellin' odds and ends
Life was coming easy and it seemed to work for me

I had a girlfriend that said she loved me
I had the moon and the stars above me
It seemed like everything was going right
Then I saw that motorcycle
The thought of ridin' it was so delightful
Now I've got tunnel vision on that black-top ribbon of thrills

I can't seem to focus on anything but the road that's there before me
I get a lot of pleasure just glidin' thru this country that I love
The folks back home think I've gone a little crazy
They know better than to call me lazy
I've got two wheels, two legs, two lanes and I just want to ride

I just want to ride till' the road stops
Ride to the valleys and the mountain tops
I just want to ride, I just want to ride

just want to ride till' I see it all
Ride in the sunrise and the nightfall
I just want to ride, I just want to ride

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