Holiday Away

Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

This song was written in Akron, Ohio in 72' or 73.' Betty and Alana had been in Phoenix for awhile and "The Gringos" had been traveling. That was the longest stretch we were apart during the ten years with the band. I recorded the song on a cassette with a keyboard and voice and sent it to Betty for Christmas. The band spent the holidays in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a lonely holiday.


If I'm not home for Christmas
And it kind of looks that way
Make me something with your hands
I'll know you love me with your heart
Holiday away

If I'm not home for New Year's
To sip a cup of cheer
I'll think of all the things
That are you
Guess we'll have to play
Holiday away

Holiday away from the one I really love
Your the one I want to spend my Holiday with

So it's seasons greetings
From this song and me
Let these words go past your ears
For though you hear them in this song
My heart feels this way
On this Holiday away
Holiday away

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