Fine Machine

Music and Lyrics by Alan Harkrader & Klide Score

About the Song

A song about building a fine motorcycle.


Tearin' it down
Wrenchin' it up
Tearin' it down
Wrenchin' it up

A thousand cc's
I've got the riding disease
Got to bolt it in
So I'll be riding again

Swingin' some wrenches
bustin' some skin
Linin' it up
measure it once and again

And every place I go they will know
Your heart and mine is in this fine machine
And every road I take, all the love I make
Comes thru here in this fine machine

Fine machine, sparkle and gleam
Father's pride, personified
Soon I'm gonna ride this fine machine

It'll look like a show piece
Creme de la creme
It'll turn the heads
Of the ladies and men

Anything worth doin'
Is worth doin well
Give it your all or nothing
You know they always can tell

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