Music and Lyrics by Alan Harkrader and Klide Score 

About the Song

See what it's like riding a Harley down Arizona highways.


Come on brother 'cause time is a thief
A Harley with a springer and your rebuilt Chief
Roll back the throttle and kick start your heart
The blacktop is a canvas for mechanical art
There ain't no rules 'cause there ain't no right
With some gas and some luck we'll be in Phoenix tonight

Here we go brother let's peel us some road
With leather for looks and zip for a load
We're ridin' down that highway, flyin' low
High on the taste of the open road
We won't back down if it comes to a fight
With some cash and some luck we'll pass Durango tonight

Freedom, it's the wind in my face
Freedom, from the same old place
Freedom, it's the way I feel
Eatin' up the highway on American steel

Come on brother there's adventure out there
There's mountains and valleys and girls with long hair
Further down the road our fate may be sealed
But we're destined for greatness today on two wheels 
When we make it to Sturgis the scene will be right
For the show in the daytime and the party at night

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