Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song

A fun song for those who like road trips that change things up a bit


Automobile behind the wheel,
Wheels turnin' wanderlust yearnin' give me a thrill

Out for a ride me and my bride
Wheels turnin' wanderlust yearnin' happy inside

Leave this town for a little while today
Pack a light bag, we're going to get away

Picked out some tunes, we'll sing along
Together down this road, that's where we belong

Just you and me, love flows so free-ly
Wheels turnin', thinkin' 'bout the burnin' you give to me

Maybe we can find a shady spot a little ways off the road
Throw a blanket on the ground & picnic a la mode, engage the
lovers code, we'll have a steamy episode


I really love our little getaways they get us out of the grind
There's nothing quite like cruzin' with you friend of mine, with
you girl of mine, with you love of mine

Automobile, away we will steal
Wheels turnin', trip concernin' the love that we feel

Out for a ride, you by my side,
Escapin' work station, preoccupied

Change the scene for a little while today
Let's rev it up, we're going to get away, trip du jour risque'.

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