Along The Way

Words and Music by Alan Harkrader

About the Song:

A fun song for those who like road trips, take them, and savor the memory.


Gonna' take a trip to a preplanned destination
Gonna' see some sights along the way
I'll be going faster than the guy that's walkin'
But, not so fast that I won't be talkin' to the folks I meet
Along The Way

Along the way I'll encounter a great adventure
Along the way I'll make some memories every day
And when I reach that final destination
I'll know I made the most of the trip from here to there
In the stops I made along the way

I'll take a back road, take back my kick-back
I'll let it unfold, slow down life's impact

Gonna' go now I've got my reservation
From it all my machine will take me away
This trip will be a part of my life's journey
I'll see the world as it keeps turning moving me along
Along the way

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