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Dedicated to the road traveler. Produced by
Bob Henke & Alan Harkrader

1. Rt. 66 - 4:00-R&B- Shuffle - 142 bpm- Cover of Bobby Troupe song with my parody in the last part of the song, going from L.A to Chicago.

2. Reminiscin' On The Mother Road- 3:52-Boomer/Rock-8 beat- 92 bpm-Song about the longest stretch of 66 still left in tact.

3. I Just Wanna Ride- 4:02-Boomer/Rock-8 beat- 144 bpm-Song for those passionate about riding motorcycles.

4. RV Free Me-3:46-Boomer/Folk Rock- Shuffle- 118 bpm- The freedom of traveling around in a motor home/RV

5. On The Road Again - 2:28-Country- 2 beat-106 bpm- Cover of Willy's hit.

6. Along The Way-4:28-Boomer/Rock- 8 beat-88 bpm- Attitude of a happy traveler

7. Fine Machine- 3:23-Rock-8 beat-108 bpm-Building up a custom bike

8. Goin' Up The Country-3:05- Folk Rock-8 beat-138 bpm- Cover of Canned Heat song

9. Put A Smile On Your Face- 2:47-Boomer/Folk- Swingy- 134 bpm- Fishing, sailing, or riding in the car, a song about the girl with the smile.

10. Top Of The Road- 3:05-Folk Rock-8 beat-122 bpm-About the stretch of road from Williams to Flagstaff.

11. Look Out Chicago-3:28-Boomer/Rock-shuffle-120 bpm- Headed back home after living in L.A. a while

12. Destiny- 3:26-Rock- 8 beat-130 bpm- Heading for Sturges


1st with Billy Williams producing

1. Dancin' With Jack-3:17- Country- 8 beat -122 bpm-Jack Daniels can help you forget your troubles

2. Put A Smile On Your Face- 3:56-Country/Folk-Swingy -137 bpm- Same song as #9 on Duet On The Road different production

3. Just Walk Out The Door-3:00 Country/Boomer-8 beat- 140 bpm- You go your way, I'll go mine

4. When You Gonna' Get Sober-3:20 Country/Comedic- 2beat- 80 bpm-A lesson finally learned

5. All Her Heart- 2:52-Country- 8 beat- 120 bpm-Sometimes there's only one love in a lifetime

6. Gobea- 2:57-Southwestern Instrumental, Latin 8 beat- 130 bpm

7. I'm Home Alone and I'm In Bad Company- 3:43-Blues- 8 beat- 80 bpm- Loneliness sucks

8. Out Of The Blue-2:51-Blues/R&B -shuffle- 90 bpm-Getting out of the Blues

9. Love Run- 3:23-Boomer/Pop -16th beat- 82 bpm-Love song

10. You Are My Strength-3:09- Boomer/Pop-8 beat- 82 bpm-Love Ballad

11.Slow Boogie- 4:39-R&B-Shuffle-111 bpm-Dance Shuffle-Recorded in the 80s

12. Holiday Away- 3:12-Christmas Ballad-8 beat- 74 bpm-Song about being away from loved ones for the holidays.


2nd with Billy Williams producing

1. It Will Lift You Up- 3:34-Boomer/Pop-Reggae like-85 bpm- A Band pleads for a recording deal.

2. Automobile- 3:55-Rock/Pop-8 beat-127 bpm-Rockish song about a get-a-way in the auto.

3. Beautiful Waltz- 3:25-Country- Waltz-91 bpm- Comment on the beauty of the waltz.

4. One Good Reason - 3:59-Boomer/Country/Pop-8 beat-89 bpm-Good ballad written by a former band- mate of mine.

5. Full Cycle- 3:28-Boomer/Rock-8 beat funk-103 bpm-A song for those bicycle enthusiasts.

6. Monsoon - 4:05-Boomer- Shuffle-120 bpm- My favorite time of the year in the desert.

7. Mambo For You -3:33-Latin/Instrumental-Latin 8 beat-140 bpm-Mostly instrumental.

8. The Years Of You And Me- 3:47-Boomer/Pop-8 beat ballad-80 bpm-Nice ballad written by two friends for my wife and my 25th anniversary.

9. Time- 3:14-Boomer/Pop-8 beat ballad-108 bpm-Another nice love ballad.

10. Statesman - 3:33-Political/Country-Latin 8 beat-120 bpm-Here I shine a light on the border issue- What a mess.

11. Hard Time Prison Con- 3:51-Blues- Shuffle-90 bpm- There are women who are attracted to men who are in prison.

12. Stinkbait - 3:08-Comedic/Country-Shuffle-120 bpm-Statement about fishing with stinkbait.

13. Thanks To You- 3:57-Country- 8 beat ballad-86 bpm-A ballad for those who have been together for a while.

14. Truth Be Told- 3:07-Christian-8 beat ballad-70 bpm-Kind of a jazzy Christian ballad.


At this date (Early 2014) I am working on another album with Billy Williams, here are three songs so far:

1. ROMANCE- 3:07- Tex-Mex/Country-2 beat Ranchero- 116 bpm-The excitement of Romance.

2. VALUE THESE DAYS- 3:22-Political-8 beat-147 bpm-100 years of the Federal Reserve has put the dollar in terrible shape, here I make the case for returning to the Gold Standard.

3. LIFE IS GOOD- 3:11- Country/Boomer-Swingy-110 bpm-Written by a friend after finding out he had cancer.


I hope you find something here to fit your needs, Thanks for your time, Alan 928-533-7214