The Journeyman Album


This CD has somewhat been in the works for thirty-five years. I traveled with a rock and show group in the 70's called "THE GRINGOS". Then I settled into playing piano/guitar-bars and restaurants for twenty-five years, mostly as a single. I decided a couple of years ago to see if I could finish some old songs and write some new ones.

I contacted a long-time friend to produce it for me and this is the result. Billy Williams and I had a lot of fun putting these songs together. It has been one of the great joy's of my life working with this talented man. We played or were responsible for all the instruments on the CD, except that our friend Bob Henke plays bass on "LOVE RUN". Billy did the horn and string arrangements and the fancy guitar stuff.

The song, "SLOW BOOGIE" is from a session produced by John Florez in 1986. It was digitized and remixed by Dave Nichols at his Livinghead Audio studio.
Special thanks to Paul Windes.


"Journeyman" CD Tracks

(Click song titles to read song lyrics & listen to samples)

1. Dancin' With Jack
3:17- Country- 8 beat -122 bpm-Jack Daniels can help you forget your troubles

2. Put a Smile on Your Face
3:56Country/Folk-Swingy -137 bpm- Same song as #9 above- different production

3. Let's Make a Deal
3:00 Country/Boomer-8 beat- 140 bpm- You go your way, I'll go mine

4. When You Gonna Get Sober
3:20 Country/Comedic- 2beat- 80 bpm-A lesson finally learned

5. All Her Heart
2:52-Country- 8 beat- 120 bpm-Sometimes there's only one love in a lifetime

6. Gobea
2:57-Southwestern Instrumental, Latin 8 beat- 130 bpm

7. Home Alone
3:43-Blues- 8 beat- 80 bpm- Loneliness sucks

8. Out of the Blue
2:51-Blues/R&B -shuffle- 90 bpm-Getting out of the Blues

9. Love Run
3:23-Boomer/Pop -16th beat- 82 bpm-Love song

10. You Are My Strength
3:09- Boomer/Pop-8 beat- 82 bpm-Love Ballad

11. Slow Boogie
4:39-R&B-Shuffle-111 bpm-Dance Shuffle recorded in the 80s

12. Holiday Away
3:12-Christmas Ballad-8 beat- 74 bpm-Song about being away from loved ones for the holidays.