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    From 1997 for several years I worked at a steakhouse in Williams, Arizona. I was able to play for thousands of people enjoying their Rt. 66 and Grand Canyon experience.

    I had the idea of recording a few cover-songs and some originals aimed at the adventuresome traveler, whether they be on motorcycle, classic auto, tour coach, motor-home, whatever.

    I contacted my friend and musical partner Bob "Willard" Henke, who had worked with me in Williams. We produced the CD and believe it fulfilled it's purpose of being a good traveling companion.


    "Duet On The Road" CD Tracks

    (Click song titles to read song lyrics & listen to samples)

    1. Route 66
    4:00-R&B- Shuffle - 142 bpm- Cover of Bobby Troupe song with my parody in the last part of the song, going from L.A to Chicago.

    2. Reminiscin' On The Mother Road
    3:52-Boomer/Rock-8 beat- 92 bpm-Song about the longest stretch of 66 still left in tact.

    3. I Just Want To Ride
    4:02-Boomer/Rock-8 beat- 144 bpm-Song for those passionate about riding motorcycles.

    4. RV Free Me
    3:46-Boomer/Folk Rock- Shuffle- 118 bpm- The freedom of traveling around in a motor home/RV.

    5. On The Road Again
    2:28-Country- 2 beat-106 bpm- Cover of Willy's hit.

    6. Along The Way
    4:28-Boomer/Rock- 8 beat-88 bpm- Attitude of a happy traveler.

    7. Fine Machine
    3:23-Rock-8 beat-108 bpm-Building up a custom bike.

    8. Goin' Up The Country
    3:05- Folk Rock-8 beat-138 bpm- Cover of Canned Heat song.

    9. Put A Smile On Your Face
    2:47-Boomer/Folk- Swingy- 134 bpm- Fishing, sailing, or riding in the car, a song about the girl with the smile.

    10. Top Of The Road
    3:05-Folk Rock-8 beat-122 bpm-About the stretch of road from Williams to Flagstaff.

    11. Look Out Chicago
    3:28-Boomer/Rock-shuffle-120 bpm- Headed back home after living in L.A. a while.

    12. Destiny
    3:26-Rock- 8 beat-130 bpm- Heading for Sturges.