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    Grammy winner Billy Williams produced this 2nd CD for me. We had a lot of fun with the project. These are fairly recent compositions of mine, except for "The Years Of You And Me" written by a couple of friends. Billy helped me finish "Mambo For You", and Betty helped me with lyrics on "Thanks To You."

    I hope you enjoy it.


    "Amidst The Chaos" CD Tracks

    (Click song titles to read song lyrics & listen to samples)

    1. It Will Lift You Up
    3:34-Boomer/Pop-Reggae like-85 bpm A Band pleads for a recording deal.

    2. Automobile
    3:55-Rock/Pop-8 beat-127 bpm-Rockish song about a get-a-way in the auto.

    3. Beautiful Waltz
    3:25-Country- Waltz-91 bpm- Comment on the beauty of the waltz.

    4. One Good Reason
    3:59-Boomer/Country/Pop-8 beat-89 bpm-Good ballad written by a former band-mate of mine.

    5. Full Cycle
    3:28-Boomer/Rock-8 beat funk-103 bpm-A song for those bicycle enthusiasts.

    6. Monsoon
    4:05-Boomer- Shuffle-120 bpm- My favorite time of the year in the desert.

    7. Mambo For You
    3:33-Latin/Instrumental-Latin 8 beat-140 bpm-Mostly instrumental.

    8. The Years Of You And Me
    3:47-Boomer/Pop-8 beat ballad-80 bpm-Nice ballad written by two friends for my wife and my 25th anniversary.

    9. Time
    3:14-Boomer/Pop-8 beat ballad-108 bpm-Another nice love ballad.

    10. Statesman
    3:33-Political/Country-Latin 8 beat-120 bpm-Here I shine a light on the border issue- What a mess.

    11. Hard Time Prison Con
    3:51-Blues- Shuffle-90 bpm- There are women who are attracted to men who are in prison.

    12. Stinkbait
    3:08-Comedic/Country-Shuffle-120 bpm-Statement about fishing with stinkbait.

    13. Thanks To You
    3:57-Country- 8 beat ballad-86 bpm-A ballad for those who have been together for a while.

    14. Truth Be Told
    3:07-Christian-8 beat ballad-70 bpm-Kind of a jazzy Christian ballad.