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The Akademia Spin Award for I'm Home Alone!

The March Akademia Music Award for Blues!

The April Akademia Music Award for Country!

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Hello -

   I am Alan, songwriter, musician and singer. Thanks for visiting my site. This is my little spot dedicated to presenting access to my musical endeavors. The music to a few of my songs, without my vocal, from my newest CD, "Amidst The Chaos" plays once on each page visit.
    My musical history is summarized in the "About" page.
   The "CDs & Lyrics" link has a clickable drop-down menu with my CD albums. There you can hear my song clips, read the lyrics, sing along and buy the Singles.
   The "Journeyman " album is a CD I did with Billy Williams in 2009.
   "Amidst The Chaos" album is my most recent CD with Billy.
   The "Duet On The Road" album is the CD resulting from my project with Bob "Willard" Henke.
   The "Buy Music" page shows various sites where you can buy my music. Also you can buy using my Shopping Cart by clicking on a Buy Now! button.
I hope you enjoy my musical endeavors.